"I would be honoured to select for you the finest works of art on the market."

"I would be honoured to select for you the finest works of art on the market."


“The starting point of my company was initiated by serious requests for partnership from art gallery owners, art dealers and private collectors who have recognized my skills to search for valuable works of art, as well as my ability to find unpublished provenance for many artworks sold on the global market.”

“I position myself as an enthusiast connoisseur with an atypical profile being self-taught.”

Provenance research

I have discovered numerous provenances for museums, foundations, auctioneers, gallery owners, art dealers and private collectors.

My global knowledge of the art market for the Old Masters allows me to have a good overview of the works of art that come up for sale, which I combine with my ability to research in the archives, which gives me good results.

It is a delicate, meticulous and sometimes time-consuming task, but I regularly have the satisfaction of discovering previously unpublished information.

In all cases, finding a provenance can improve the value of a work of art, or provide unpublished information such as an old attribution or an old exhibition in which the work was presented.

I also sometimes discover that a provenance is dubious, such as works of art looted during the World War II.


“Unrecorded provenance found for the rediscovered Rembrandt from the Allentown Art Museum”

Some provenances found

Intelligent research for private collectors

I would be honoured to assist you in your future acquisitions.

You are looking for a specific artwork in relation to your taste and your existing collection ? You want to renew your collection and you don’t have enough time to search for the ideal works of art to enhance your collection ?

I will do it for you by providing my guidance.

If you also wish to evaluate the best way to sell your artworks and choose the most suitable channel, we will study the best solution.

Treasures discoverer for art dealers & gallery owners

I would be honoured to select for you the finest works of art on the market.

I propose to :

  • discover the best opportunities and to decide together if they can match to your requirements
  • find value-added information
  • free up your time to focus on your core business

I will act as an efficient and essential filter to prevent you from missing out on the opportunities that will be the most valuable to meet your customers’ expectations.


Art market intelligence

I am very comfortable searching for specific information, I know how to search but more especially how to find. It’s the key !

I believe that if there is a document in an archive, I will find it somewhere, sooner or later. This is result of a combined research methodology that I will apply to your specific request.

If you need a particular type of information that is available in the public domain such as a sales history or to find out more about the journey of a painting for example, I will be able to help you find these value-added information.



“I am based in the heart of Normandy surrounded by its rich history and monuments, the land of my ancestors.

I have developed a real curiosity for finding hidden treasures in auctions, after having discovered hundreds of them at the beginning by challenge and passion over the last years to finally be spotted by professionals.

I was able to interact during all these years with historians, experts, or simply passionate art lovers like you today who visit my website.

I first became interested in the Flemish and Dutch Old Masters, then progressively in the European Old Masters from the 15th to the 18th century.

I am also particularly attracted in rare works of art, precious objects of all kinds, such as sculptures, for instance.

After mature reflection which became an evidence,  I decided to create my own activity of art advisory and provenance research after having analyzed the art market and more specifically the Old Master paintings and the Old Master drawings market for many years.

I have also observed the different challenges of this sector in a constant digital transformation that has seen major changes in the buyers behaviour and in the changing trends.

Yours sincerely,

Thierry Fraslin


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